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Buy Ugly Embellished Christmas Sweaters

We attach jingle bells, poof balls, and more to make the ugliest of sweaters even uglier!

It's no secret, we love to decorate stuff. Here you'll find the fruits of our creative labor in the form of festive do-hickeys and what-nots attached lovingly to each ugly Christmas Sweater.

Q: How do I wash these sweaters if there are un-washable things attached?

A: Not to worry! We attach our non-washable items with velcro so they can be easily removed and re-attached.

About our Ugly Christmas Sweaters

In 1995, we were the first to bring Ugly Christmas sweaters to the internet. In 2009 we started offering vintage Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters. In 2010, we were the first to bring you hyper color style Color Changing Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts. In 2011, we added the first ever Tie Dyed Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts!

But our favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater creation by far is our UGLY Embellished SWEATERS for men and women!

These are great for adding an edge to the family Christmas photo, really unique for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and just all around hilarious!

We appreciate your shopping with us & sincerely hope that your experience with us is a fun one!

Happy Holidays!

Rob Chadwick
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