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We're back!

After having evacuated on September 8th due to wildfires in our area, we're back in the office as of Thursday, September 17th.

We are shipping orders daily now. UPS and USPS deliveries may be delayed by a day or two because of grounded flights at Portland Airport due to smoke.

We may be slow in responding to your emails for another day or two. Air quality in our area is poor and we're on a "be ready to go" evacuation level, so we're minimizing our time in the office for the time being.

Previous updates:

We'll be back soon!

Temporary closure - Update September 15th

We expect to be operational and shipping orders again by Saturday, September 19th.

On Tuesday, September 8th, our town of Scotts Mills, Oregon was evacuated due to the Beachie Creek fire in Oregon.

While we are still evacuated, we were able to return to check on our property Today (September 15th).

Thanks to heroic efforts by our friends and neighbors, our place is still standing, as are the homes of our employees.

You can read about the heros who saved our town here:
Behind the firelines, the race to save Scotts Mills.

After a couple of evacuation moves, Rusty Zipper's temporary headquarters are now set up in my hotel room in Portland & I will be catching up on email as soon as I can.

We expect to return to our property by Friday and have all orders shipped by Saturday, September 19th.

If you would like to cancel an order that has not yet shipped, please email me at rob@rustyzipper.com.

Thanks for your support and understanding!