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50s Rayon Gabardine 3 Pieces of Clothing Fabric

1.8Yards (65 Inches) by 44inches, 23inches By 25inches, 14inches By 30inches (Segments At Ends)


50s Heavy Rayon Shantung Two Pieces of Upholstery or Drapery Fabric

2.47Yards (89 Inches) by 48 Inches and 1Yard (37inches) By 48inches


50s Leopard Print Cotton Pinwale Corduroy 2 Pieces of Upholstery or Drapery Fabric

45inches By 64inches, 35inches By 17inches


50s Mid Century Modern Lot of 11 Small Pieces of Heavy Cotton and Nylon Upholstery or Drapery Fabric

22inches By 15inches, 12inches By 49inches, 15inches By 19inches, 11inches By 19inches, 15inches By 31inches, 19inches By 35inches, 17inces By 34inches, 18inches By 53inches, 64inches By 15inches, 17inches By 37inches


40s Lot of 5 Pieces of Heavy Cotton Upholstery or Drapery Fabric

26inches By 46inches, 42inches By 27inches, 20inches By 20inches, 40inches By 25inches, 29inches By 46inches

128 results - Page 1 of 2 pages
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