80s Retro Pants: 80s -International Baggyz- When I am in the mood for action I slide on a pair of these elastic waist bad boys. I find the ease in fit allows me to maneuver the trickiest of judo moves, bike jumps and slides me into the home plate for the run of an evening - if you get my drift and if I know one thing about ladies its that they love shaded grey, white and black camo print. I feel so confident in these pants that I can guarantee personally that if you dont have an adventure of a lifetime in these cotton beauties I will call you at 5am with an inspirational quote of the day for a week. Thats creepy on so many levels that you have to buy them now. These sweet slacks are brand new but still have a small flaw in the form of blown hems at base of left leg - no prob though dude cause they will be tucked into your socks.

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