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80s Womens Vintage Matching Set of Ugly Christmas Sweaters

42Bust, 31Sleeve, 23Inches from Shoulder to Hem and 38Bust, 28Sleeve, 22Inches from Shoulder to Hem


Unisex Bear-riffic Ugly Christmas Cardigan Sweater

43Chest M♂LRG or 43Bust W♀XL, 31Sleeve, 31Inches from Shoulder to Hem, Extra Tall or Oversized Long Fit


Womens Matching Pair of Two Ugly Christmas Sweaters

44Bust, 33Sleeve, and, 24Inches from Shoulder to Hem, and 36Bust, 30Sleeve, 22Inches from Shoulder to Hem, Slight Short Cropped Fit

4589 results - Page 4 of 46 pages
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