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Cat's Pajamas
As this store proclaims, Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. Find vintage clothes in a wide range of small and large sizes. is the largest antique directory on the web, with over 6,000 links to old vintage antiques online. Find antique dealers, appraisers, collectors, clubs and more.

Corsets and Crinolines
This site features Victorian and Edwardian clothing,  the teens era through the 60's. From bustles to boots and bodices to petticoats and photographs.

The Daisy Shop - Women's couture resale
Very gently worn, authentic couture clothing and accessories, Vintage and current styles, in pristine condition.

Dandelion Vintage clothing Dandelion Vintage clothing
Vintage clothing, online vintage clothing shop, vintage clothes, lingerie and accessories at affordable prices

Davenport and Co.
Fine vintage clothing and accessories.

banner_alt_attribute Deadly Night Shades
1950s fiberglass, reproduction lampshades, hand-tied and hand-dyed.

Decades Vintage Company
Men's and women's vintage clothing and eyewear. 1930's - 1970's.

Dena's Vintage Closet
An online boutique offering vintage clothing & accessories from the 1890's to the 1980's.

Do Wah Diddy
Specialising in Mid-Century hot vintage & cool retro collectibles.

Enchanting Site, The
A site dedicated to 1950s Rock 'n' Roll & Lifestyle

Fancy Ephemera
Collectible paper dolls

banner_alt_attribute Fleatique
Lee the Flea invites you to "shop buy" our house at for ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES where crazed collector & chic recycler meet!

Funk House Las Vegas
Funkhouse - Seller of antiques, collectibles, 50's modern, oriental rugs, glass art, pottery,art deco and prop rentals.

Glamour Central
Home to the Vintage Aficionado Photo Registry and the web's premier resource for information on Historical beauty, Vintage fashion and Retro culture. Includes a shopping portal.

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